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Code Refresh of PHP License Manager Pro and PHP Express Checkout Wizard

June 7 2011

Today, Stratabase released updated builds of PHP License Manager Pro and PHP Express Checkout Wizard.

The new builds allow for improved compatibility with the Firefox web browser.

With PHP License Manager Pro, developers and ISV's no longer have to look at third-party carts for e-commerce support. Simply enter the required details for your product and let PHP License Manager Pro handle the rest! No need to read hundreds of pages of API's! Furthermore, cURL does not need to be installed on your server!

Remote licensing allows developers and independent software vendors to have control over who uses their software and where their software is used.

PHP License Manager Pro introduces a new licensing model, free-for-now, which allows developers and ISV's to extract value from their software on a discretionary basis.

To download PHP License Manager Pro, please go to the following URL:

PHP Express Checkout Wizard allows you to use PayPal's Express Checkout functionality in your PHP script or application with minimal configuration.

Accept orders in minutes with our simple, web-based installer and configuration wizard. Simply use our web installer to set up the database and tables, specify your product details and select PayPal preferences.

With PHP Express Checkout Wizard, there's no need to install cURL on your server. Our proprietary technology reduces the processing time cURL imposes on transactions.

To download PHP Express Checkout Wizard, please go to the following URL:

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