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Below are some of our software products.
PHP License Manager Pro PHP License Manager Pro's AJAX interface allows you to view and change licensing restrictions for your software with ease, in real-time. Users can be presented with one of three licensing models: a time-limited trial, a use-limited trial or a required upgrade at your discretion. To prevent unauthorized use or distribution, usage can also be restricted to an IP address.
PHP Express Checkout Wizard PHP Express Checkout Wizard allows you to use PayPal's Express Checkout functionality in your PHP script or application with minimal configuration. Accept orders in minutes with our simple, web-based installer and configuration wizard. Simply use our web installer to set up a database and tables, specify your product details and select PayPal preferences.
Resync for Palm to Outlook Synchronization Resync allows you to synchronize data across different applications. Resync also backs up and restores your data. ResyncTM synchronizes your Date Book/Calendar, Address Book/Contacts, To Do List/Tasks, and Memo Pad/Notes between the following applications: Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book, Palm Desktop 4.01/4.1 SP3, and a serial handheld device running the Palm operating system.
ConvertMe for Palm to Outlook Conversion ConvertMe is an one-way migration tool that migrates your Palm Desktop 4.01, 4.1, or 4.1.4 data to Microsoft Outlook 2000 through 2007. ConvertMe is perfect for Palm users upgrading to Pocket PC or Windows Mobile devices. No need to copy and paste hundreds of records into Outlook. Full category support is included, so there's no need to reorganize your contacts, calendar items, memos and to-dos.
ConvertBack for Palm Desktop Data Conversion ConvertBack allows you to convert your Palm Desktop 4.1.4 or 4.2 data files to Palm Desktop 4.1 format. The following components of Palm Desktop are supported: Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks. Try our evaluation version to convert your Palm Desktop 4.1.4 or 4.2 Notes entries to Palm Desktop 4.1 format. Purchase ConvertBack for only $7.95.
365 Money Minutes Screensaver. Free Download. 365 Money Minutes features hundreds of enlightening quotes from financial gurus such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Charles Schwab and many more! Be inspired for hours on end with two random quotes every minute. 365 Money Minutes is perfect for investors, stock brokers and more. Best of all, it's free!
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